TWIST, the first self-cleaning batch freezer on the market, designed by Frigomat, stands out for a number of peculiarities. It is the first and only gelato machine that can be easily and quickly washed and sanitized with a simple 'click', activating the pre-set washing programs. The touch screen interface is a Frigomat exclusive property. Unique and stylish, a, with a simple, clear and intuitive graphic system for the control and command of all the main functions. Unique is also the innovative and ergonomic design, which meets the functional needs without forgetting the aesthetics.
The power of experience and the passion for the future in a truly UNIQUE machine.

TWIST: the only, the first and the original. By Frigomat

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TWIST: the only, the first and the original. By Frigomat

Full-safe reopening

Full-safe reopening

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer with automatic washing system. Introduced at Sigep 2020

SIGEP 2020

Also this year the new edition of Sigep 2020 has successfully concluded. GX, always in the spotlight. Introduced King, the king among the cream whipping machines and Twist, the revolutionary batch freezer.

The KING of cream whippers

Presented at the last Host 2019, King the new Frigomat cream whipper machine stands out on the market for its specific cleaning and sanitizing performances

GX new edition

GX new edition: read more news about first and original professional machine for fresh gelato!

SIGEP 2020: Frigomat present!

Looking forward to seeing you Sigep 2020 at Hall C1, stand n°164-200

Come and see the 50 years of Frigomat, displayed at Host 2019!

Come and discover our 50 years of innovation and technology for professional gelato and pastry chefs around the world