Presented at the last Host 2019, King the new Frigomat cream whipper machine stands out on the market for its specific cleaning and sanitizing performances, designed to simplify the operator's activities and, at the same time, guarantee the best product hygiene standards.

Here are all the pluses of the new Frigomat cream whipper:

  • Two washing and sanitizing modes:
    • Washing and sanitizing function of the whole circuit by means of a passing-by liquid that allows to speed up and simplify the ordinary cleaning and sanitizing procedures of the food- contact parts.
    • Innovative design, allowing the operator to completely disassemble all food contact parts for cleaning and individual inspection of each component.
  • Self-priming rotary pump of new generation
  • Solenoid valve pressure dispenser for excellent product structure and no residue at the end of delivery.
  • Removable stainless steel tank with a capacity of 2 litres.
  • Refrigeration system with "anti-ice" technology tank and low temperature dispenser for an optimal product maintenance.
  • High performance levels with fresh cream, UHT and vegetable-based products.
  • Wide overrun adjustment, perfect for whipped cream, mousse and semi-mounted cream to be used in pastry preparations.
  • Adjustable dosing.
  • Dispensing head with stainless steel nozzle for a high quality of the product appearance.
  • Design with clean and essential lines, ideal for placement in both public and laboratory environments

Even in the cream whippers market, Frigomat continues to express the power of experience and the passion for the future.

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