Twist, the new batch freezer by Frigomat, stands out as a real revolution on the market thanks to the automatic washing of the entire production circuit, to make easier and faster the operator’s activity.

This new generation machine allows the flow-washing and sanitization process of all the food-contact parts, from the hopper to the door, the agitator and finally the cylinder.

It is possible to choose among 4 pre-set automatic washing programs, depending on the different requirements:

  • rinsing, hot rinsing, intensive washing and sanitizing washing.
  • Washing water loading and draining are automatic, thanks to the connection of the circuits to the water supply network, while an integrated washing water heating system avoids to connect external boilers.
  • the loading and portioning of the sanitizing and rinse aid detergent are automatic too.
  • Touch screen interface
  • Patented IES electronics and Wi-Manager IOT Ready system complete the profile of this unique and revolutionary machine.


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TWIST: the only, the first and the original. By Frigomat

Full-safe reopening

Full-safe reopening

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer with automatic washing system. Introduced at Sigep 2020