GX new edition: these are the news about the first and original series of professional gelato machines

In 2019 a new era opens for the machines of the GX series. In fact, the new edition features innovative charachteristics that respond to emerging environmental and professional needs, making it at the same time even more powerful, thus confirming - once again - the pole position on the market for professional machines for fresh gelato, produced in front of the customer.

In fact, extractable refrigeration units allow greater accessibility both on the operator's and customer's side, allowing simplified maintenance and greater installation flexibility; the insulating ring prevents the formation of ice in the cylinder; the version with remote air-cooled units also meets current regulatory and environmental sustainability requirements, eliminating water consumption; finally, the renewed design improves comfort and performance of use.

Alongside this, let's not forget the dedicated, patented and UNIQUE spatula on the market, able to protect the gelato from any form of contamination. In fact, the part of the spatula in contact with the gelato is placed in the area of the freezing cylinder at a negative temperature, remaining protected from any type of pollutant through the transparent dome cover. The handle, on the other hand, remains outside the food zone, at room temperature.

GX, once again, the first and the original..

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TWIST: the only, the first and the original. By Frigomat

Full-safe reopening

Full-safe reopening

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer

TWIST, the revolutionary batch freezer with automatic washing system. Introduced at Sigep 2020

SIGEP 2020

Also this year the new edition of Sigep 2020 has successfully concluded. GX, always in the spotlight. Introduced King, the king among the cream whipping machines and Twist, the revolutionary batch freezer.

The KING of cream whippers

Presented at the last Host 2019, King the new Frigomat cream whipper machine stands out on the market for its specific cleaning and sanitizing performances

GX new edition

GX new edition: read more news about first and original professional machine for fresh gelato!

SIGEP 2020: Frigomat present!

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Come and see the 50 years of Frigomat, displayed at Host 2019!

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