GX serie

The original professional machine to produce, display and sale an always fresh, just freezed product. The GX Series can complete an existing parlour or create a complete artisan gelato parlour with the guarantee of the Frigomat brand.

  • Enhanced refrigeration system to reduce the freezing cycles and the refill and for a higher consistency of the ice-cream.
  • Possibility to add hard pieces nuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.
  • Steel agitators with easily removable scraper blade for an easy cleaning.
  • Transparent lids, enabling the customer to see and follow the freezing process.
  • Anti-fog system (patent pending) to avoid condensation under the lids.
  • Dedicated spatulas (patent pending) which, through a practical quick release system, set a new standard of hygiene, protecting the product against all kinds of contamination. The part of the spatula in contact with gelato is placed at a negative temperature in the area of the freezing cylinder, protected through the transparent dome lid. The handle remains outside the food area, at room temperature, in the defined position for a visual impact of the bench extremely tidy.
  • Safety switch on the lids.
  • Cleaning system of the cylinders, directly connected to a removable front drain. Internal preparation for a direct discharge into the water mains.
  • Available with protective glass (optional).
  • Customized graphic upon request (optional).

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