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The company can boasts the ISO 9001 quality certification and the strict ETL and ETL Sanitation approvals required by the North-American market.
The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is not a specific product certification, but a kind of ‘guideline’, based on suitable procedures, for all the different production phases, aimed to reach one, big target: the total quality.

The quality certification basically establishes those elements ensuring an adequate company structure, for the correct management of the resources and production processes: this, in order to identify and satisfy the customers requirements according to the concept of ‘Constant Evolution’ which has always been the base of the company philosophy.

Our equipment have obtained the US approvals ETL and ETL Sanitation: this means that they are equipped with the best electric safety systems and are manufactured in accordance to all hygienic rules.
The production steps are strictly followed by the ETL and ETL Sanitation inspection boards.