KLAB G condensing hybrid


  • Electricity supply Three phase
  • Condensation Hybrid
  • Hourly production 40 Kg
  • Type Floor-standing
  • No of flavours 2
  • Tank capacity 16 (x2) lt
  • N° ice cream/h (75gr.) 533

Technical specs

  • Working voltage 400V/50Hz/3+N
  • Electric Power 2,9 kW
  • Width 53 cm
  • Height 144 cm
  • Depth 77 cm
  • Net Weight 209 kg

The “KLAB” machines have been specifi cally designed to produce with extreme easiness a high quality ice cream. These machines satisfy the operators requirements for of a professional tool, reliable, easy to use, clean and maintain.

  • Big freezing cylinder for a high production to meet the daily peaks of demand.
  • Great performances and an extremely high production up to 40kg/h.
  • Single consistency and motor controls, to grant an extremely limited energy consumption.
  • Agitator inside the tank for EMU version (against add on price).
  • Gear pump for an easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • One-block beater made of technological polymer (standard) or steel beater with removable scrapers and counter-beater (optional).
  • Dispensing tap with magnetic sensor.
  • Specifi c system for the automatic handle return, after the product serving (optional).
  • Possibility to set the servings counting device.

The declared production capacities are only indicative and may vary depending upon the conditions of operation and the products used.  Specifications subject to change without notice and subject to errors and printing omissions. The machines in photographs may be represented with some optionals.