Modern ice-cream makers must be able to work in an effective and efficient manner, optimising the time spent in the laboratory in order to have more time to devote to their customers. To do so, they need reliable equipment, that will help them deal with each and every aspect of the ice-cream making process. For over 45 years, this has been the mission of Frigomat.


Pastry making is an art that can only be refined and perfected through many years of practice. This is the reason why the equipment used must be a partner that a pastry chef can always rely on without any reservation. At Frigomat, respect for this sacred commitment underlies the design of each and every machine and device produced.


Restaurants are paying every greater attention to all the items proposed in their menus: in this connection, ice-cream and pastry products are assuming an increasingly significant role. Frigomat designs equipment where reliability is combined with flexibility, to be able to support the chef in perfecting each and every menu item.


A simple and agreeable way to get to know the finest tasting ice-cream with a product that is always fresh, in that it is creamed on the spot. A business opportunity that continues to have plenty of room to grow, and that Frigomat supports with a range of highly efficient machines that are able to meet every requirement.

Modern cake with Frigomat

Since 1969, manufacturers of soft-serve and gelato equipment


05 November 2015

KISS 5: The five handles of taste

During the recent  Host exhibition (Milan, 23-27 October 2015), Frigomat presented its latest technological achievements in terms of soft ice cream ...

26 August 2015


29 May 2015

Gelato is served

Today, gelato is no longer to be considered just a fresh and genuine dessert, appreciated by consumers of all ages, but it is an increasingly essent...

GPS - Gelato Professional School

Una guida sicura per acquisire o incrementare la competenza professionale nella realizzazione del migliore gelato artigianale.


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